MatNavi is one of the world's largest materials databases of polymer, ceramic, alloy, superconducting material, composite and diffusion.

Superconducting Material Database (SuperCon)


SUPERCON (Numerical database for superconducting materials)
All the data are acquired from the published Journals. Roberts Table and some books are referred for old data.
There are two tables: OXIDE & METALLIC (inorganic materials containing metals, alloys compounds, oxide high-Tc superconductors, etc) and ORGANIC (organic superconductors).

STA-DB (Standardized Data for Typical Oxide High-Tc materials)
Working Group for database in Multi-Core Project, sponsored by STA, produced all the data. Sample preparation , characterization, superconducting and other related properties together with measuring condition, etc are included. Sample preparation and measuring conditions are described in Japanese. These data now tentatively opened publicly.

INFO-DB (Knowledge data for materials researchers)
The data are acquired from the published Journals and private communications. These data are results and information useful for researchers but can not be recorded in numerical database.

SUMMARY (Data views obtained using [SUPERCON])


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